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E UNIT! Represent!

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Pissed off [Mar. 21st, 2005|05:32 am]
E UNIT! Represent!
Well i havent posted in soooooo long... I feel stranded right now and all alone, i feel no one supports me in what i am doing right now and no ones there for me most of all i feel everyones mad at me and i feel like shit i dont want anyone mad at me i try to help but all people do is give you the cold shoulder well i'm tired of feeling like crap so fuck it and what all these people think if im happy then fuck it, just fuck it, im sorry to be insenseitive but this has happened to me in my life 3 times already, why the hell does it have to end up this way... on other news e-unit wew must unite and keep it all together i feel tension and anger and us going our separte ways wich pisses me the f off sorry for the language but people we must unite, thats all i have to say my dear friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: totalwaste
2005-03-22 07:49 am (UTC)


I'm friggin sick again. I feel like death.
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